Learn to trade from a
full-time Trader.

You can see what he is doing and why. Understand his thinking. Easy to understand and follow. Results are transparent.

Zoltan MeszarosTrading Educator
Zoltan Meszaros

Do you want to see
how to trade with a small account?

You will learn not only strategies but a way to think about trading. Here you will see everything. The easy and profitable days as well as the difficult and frustrating ones.

Do you want to look over the shoulder of a professional trader and see how he trades?

What if you could ask questions and he would explain what he is doing and why?

Do you want him to teach you how to do it?

What if you could follow his trades?

Become a Member and learn to trade Futures.

Video Library

Live Trading Room 3 times a week where you can see and follow a professional trader, where he explains his decisions.

Sample video

How does a Trading Session look like? Take a look of one trade!

Transparent, result oriented and verifiable.


Aurum Capital and Zoltan Meszaros are registered Commodity Trading Advisors (CTA) and registered members of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the USA.

Real money, real results.

Zoltan trades with his own money, the trades are live and real, not Demo. The strategies he teaches, he uses live. The wins and losses in the Trading Sessions are real. See yourself how he trades.


All Trading Room sessions are recorded and uploaded to the website for members to see. Every trading day’s trades can be looked back.

Long term revenue

Under 8 months 100% result.



To the committed trader who trades every day or ready to start Live trading.
  • Unlimited access to every Trading Room and Coaching seminar.
  • Unlimited access to every previously recorded Trading Room and Coaching.
  • Trading Software support.
  • Help with account opening.


For those who cannot participate in every Live Trading Room session and Coaching webinar. You only pay for when you can attend. After you used the 10 vouchers, you can by another 10 anytime.
  • 10 Vouchers to any Live Trading Room or Coaching webinar, good for 3 months.
  • Trading software support
  • Help with account opening.


Education to the starting Trader.
  • Learn the basics and understand trading concepts.
  • Learn to use the trading platform.
  • Learn and apply 6 trading strategies.
  • Understand the psychology of trading.
  • 30 days course, after completion you can select another package.
  • 6 times 1 hour Coaching webinar.

Testimonials from Members about the Program.

Testimonials may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. Individual results or experiences may vary. Any claims contained within the testimonials have not been verified. Customers were not paid or compensated in any way for their statements.

I am glad that I can participate in the Master Course program. During the Trading sessions and Coaching webinars Zoltan explains in detail what you could do and what is worth a try. I can recommend it to anyone, be that a total beginner or someone who has been trading already. Zoltan is always ready to answer any questions on the webinars or on Skype. His knowledge of trading and his attitude towards people is exemplary.

Kiss Csaba Zsolt

I feel lucky that I have found Zoltan and his Master Course. He is an extremely helpful and very patient educator. Transferring his knowledge and experience, he never paints a “rosy picture”, but shows both the successes and failures of a trader, preparing everyone for the road ahead trading alone. This educational approach and attitude make the program professional and credible. Thank you for it!

Nyiri Lajos

I started as a total beginner in trading. After one year being a Master Course member, I can say that it was one of the best investments in my life. Today I can see that based on Zoltan’s experience and guidance anyone can have the chance to be a successful trader. I believe that with his help and mentoring I saved a lot of money, time and energy. I can wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone who is thinking about trading.

Matyas Andras

I am glad that I can be part of the Master Course program. I find it outstanding the way Zoltan teaches, I could not find anything like it elsewhere. In every trading session I can see what he is doing and why. I can see his successes and failures. I find the weekly Coaching Sessions to be very helpful, where we analyze trades, things we could have done and things we should not have done. I personally learned a lot here about trading psychology which is just as important as learning the setups and executing them.

Ötvös Ferenc

My story with

Infinity Futures logo

I opened my first account with Infinity Futures in 2009 after I was introduced to Infinity through another group of traders. As with any new platform, I had questions and needed help getting started. My representative at Infinity, who has now been with the firm for over 15 years, has guided me through the process and has been there for me ever since. I will gladly put you in direct contact with him as well, so you can share in my experience.

Learn more about Infinity Futures:

  • Was formed in 1995
  • Is headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA
  • Is regulated by the CFTC, the commodity futures industry’s federal governing body in the USA
  • Is regulated by the NFA, the self-regulatory organization for the derivatives industry in the USA
  • Provides direct, personalized support and has a 24-hour trade desk
  • Offers the free, super-fast and lightweight InfinityAT DOM trading platform
  • Features the mobile-friendly AT Charts in 11 languages, including Hungarian
  • Also offers and supports Sierra Chart

Above is an image showing AT Charts and the free Infinity DOM. Infinity has many videos on YouTube to help you learn the software .

You can request a demo of InfinityAT with live, real-time data for 30 days here.

If you would like to start an account, you can start the process online here.

If you would like a personal introduction to my representative at Infinity Futures, just send me an email and I will put you in touch.